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Welcome to Truex

Since 1976, Truex, Inc. has been a leader in manufacturing deep drawn stampings and assemblies. We specialize in custom deep drawn stampings, and offer a complete line of standard hose ferrules and hose couplings. We stock our industry standard hose ferrules and hose couplings for immediate shipment.

Garden Hose Couplings

We supply couplings for 7/16 inch, 19/32 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, and 3/4 inch garden hose. Our ferrules are used on multi-ply vinyl, rubber, and non-reinforced vinyl hose.


Our hose ferrules are used by a variety of industries including hardware, RV, lawn and garden, automotive, compressed-gas, fire suppression, welding, furniture, beverage, appliance, electronic, farm and lighting industries.


Custom Stampings

From simple designs to complex parts with tight tolerances and performance requirements, Truex has produced custom deep drawn parts for a wide variety of industries.

Our capabilities include high volume stamping in quantities from 10,000 to 10 million pieces, temporary and production tooling, deep draw precision forming, transfer press operations, annealing, stress relief, cleaning, bright dip and custom assembly.

What's New

8/1/2017 - Additional Transfer Presses for Truex
Truex Incorporated continues to grow with the addition of two additional transfer presses, which will help provide faster deliveries to customers. Additionally, one of the existing assembly machines ...
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3/1/2017 - State of the Art Assembly Equipment Purchased
Truex has recently expanded their machine inventory with the purchase of an additional transfer press and two state-of-the-art automated assembly machines. These new machines will allow us to supply ...
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10/24/2016 - Truex, Incorporated Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Truex, Incorporated recently celebrated our 40th Anniversary as a manufacturer of internally expanded garden hose couplings, low pressure hose ferrules and custom deep drawn stampings. Truex offers p...
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