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Garden Hose Couplings

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Truex is the major supplier of garden hose couplings throughout North America and Central America. All products sold by Truex have been produced to the highest standard. This includes meeting lead-free requirements for those concerned about possible contamination and using a lacquer on the couplings to help them maintain their professional shine throughout their use.

Lead Free Brass Fittings

Our hose couplings product line includes:

  • A complete line of internally expanded garden hose couplings
  • Nickel- and zinc-plated garden hose couplings for specialty applications
  • Ergonomic fittings with plastic grips for ease of use
  • Heavy-duty crush-proof fittings for high-performance hoses
  • Lead-free deep drawn products
  • Special lead-free brass alloys for the machined parts used in our fittings
  • Ferrules – designed to be used on multi-ply vinyl hoses, rubber, and non- reinforced vinyl hoses

Here is an overview of the various hose couplings supplied for customers to help them understand their options and make the best selection for their needs. There are also a variety of specialty couplings available for customers upon request.

Expansion couplings

hose expansion couplings

An expansion coupling is used to help accommodate for the expansion and contraction effect on a hose due to temperature changes. These types of fittings are best used when the temperature changes are expected to exceed 25°F in aboveground installations. Truex offers expansion couplings in a variety of sizes, including 7/16”, 1/2”, 19/32”, 5/8”, and 3/4”. Each size comes in several variations as both male and female parts, different capacity ferrules, and some in female octagonal. View our Catalog.


hose eyelets

Eyelet couplings are typically recommended for use with non - reinforced hoses. These couplings are used to join a hose to another part of the machine with a secure seal. There is a male and a female end; both typically ribbed, to allow for secure connection. Truex offers eyelets with either the female or male end sized to .635”. Inserts are also available to help the eyelets fit properly into the hose. View our Catalog.

Sprinkler hose couplings

Sprinkler Hose Couplings

Sprinkler hose couplings are responsible for spraying the water according to the desired force and covering the desired area. These couplings will produce different streams of water depending on their formation and production. Those created by Truex come in either .725” or .875”. In the .725” category they offer female soakers, female octagonal, or male shaped pieces. In the .875” category, soaker ferrules are available.
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Nuts and End Caps

hose nuts and end caps

Nuts serve a variety of purposes for joining different tubing and machine parts together. They will come with different strength ratings, typically dependent upon their pairing with the other parts. They also come in several different types of materials, including low or medium carbon steel, medium carbon steel, or alloy steel. View our Catalog.

End caps seal off a hose when it is not in use. Truex offers both brass and plastic end caps depending on the contents of the hose and the budget and ascetical considerations of the client. View our Catalog.

In the same category, there is also the availability of a uniprene hose washer. These washers offer hot water capabilities over 180°F when required. View our Catalog.

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